What we do at School

Grade 8 to 12
Various subject combinations which are advantaging students to choose their careers
Offering tutorial classes, assisted by Mazisi Kunene Foundation
Having excursions around the province and to Gauteng Province
Sports : Soccer and Netball
Participated in Cultural activities
We are the only school offering Visual Art as a Subject at Dududu Circuit
We have been a leading school in matric results of Dududu Circuit in the past 3 years
About the school

It started around 1953
Its situated in rural areas of Umkomaas area under Ugu District Municipality, Umdoni Local Municipality
We are falling under UGU District of education in Port Shepstone, Dududu Circuit.
We have 930 Students enrolled in 2016 January
This is a public school which is high supported and protected by the community eg Parents SGB ,Izinduna and SAPS.
The current SGB chairperson of the school in Mr. MW Latha
The Principal is Mr. HM Khumalo
The school has a vision which was drawn up by all stake holders